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Uniquely identify and classify tokenized assets with the Particula Token Identification Number (PTIN) and the Particula Digital Asset Classification System (PDACS). As an ISIN equivalent, PTIN provides a secure, standardized method for identifying tokens across blockchains, enhancing transparency and reducing operational risks. PDACS complements this by offering a comprehensive, continuously updated taxonomy for digital assets, already applied to over 1.000 tokens. Together, PTIN and PDACS help you navigate the complexity of the tokenized asset market with precision and confidence.
  • Identification
  • Classification
Partiucla Public Platform token directory dashboard displaying an overview of Environmental Asset issuers
-90% in Research Costs


Particula's comprehensive market intelligence stands as the most extensive collection of data on tokenized assets worldwide. Our coverage spans 20+ asset classes and includes insights from 500+ issuers, detailing over 1.000 tokenized assets. This vast repository categorizes tokenized assets into distinct buckets: Financial Assets, Real Assets, Commodities, Environmental Assets and Miscellaneous, covering both private and public markets. Our diverse range offers you unparalleled insights, encompassing everything from traditional financial instruments to innovative digital forms across developed, emerging, and frontier markets.
  • Issuer, Tokens, Underlyings
  • On- & Off-Chain Data
  • Robust Comparison Engine
Partiucla Public Platform dashboard displaying data analysis graphs of a tokenized asset
AI-based Risk Assement & Monitoring


Particula's Digital Asset Risk Ratings, utilizing comprehensive issuer
information and market data, are designed to provide investors with clear insights into the transparency, compliance, economic viability, technological integrity, and environmental impact of tokenized assets. This approach enhances decision-making at both the security and portfolio levels in order to streamline effective risk assessment.
  • Real-Time Risk Ratings
  • Instant Red-Flag Detection
  • On-Going Monitoring
Particula Public Platform risk rating dashboard of a Nova Coin tokenized asset

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Asset Managers

Asset managers identify diverse, lucrative investments while managing risk. In tokenized assets, aligning with clients' goals and risk tolerance is key. Particula provides tailored solutions to meet these needs, empowering asset managers to make informed decisions.

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Innovative banks aim to expand products and improve market position. Tokenized assets present both opportunities and challenges in trust and compliance. Particula's analytics and risk ratings help banks innovate, benchmark, and build confidence.

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Credit Rating Agencies

Credit rating agencies impact investor confidence and market stability. With tokenized assets, efficient data collection and assessment are crucial. Particula's automated methods enhance evaluations, ensuring superior insights and market leadership.

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Custody Providers

Custody providers ensure the security and integrity of digital assets. Integrating Particula's ratings and analytics adds value. Our solutions offer insights into asset performance, risk assessment, and trends, enhancing advisory services and compliance.

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Trading Facilities

Secondary marketplaces and exchanges maintain investor confidence and efficiency. Particula's automated solutions improve listings, trading operations, and trust. Leveraging our ratings and analytics ensures liquidity, competitive edge, and valuable insights.

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Particula’s Digital Asset Risk Rating Methodology Employs a Comprehensive Analytical Approach That Combines Traditional Asset Evaluation Principles with Advanced Technology.

Marcel Fleisch, Chief Product Officer at VP Bank
Marcel Fleisch Chief Product Officer at VP Bank

Particula delivers the necessary transparency and quality to conduct tokenization professionally. Their approach builds trust among all relevant stakeholders and clients, with their professional, solutions-oriented methods being greatly appreciated.

Bob Ejodame, Vice President at Capital Markets INX
Bob Ejodame VP Capital Markets INX

At INX, we provide tokenization solutions and welcome the fact that digital securities in this new blockchain-powered world are subject to a rating framework like traditional securities. Particula is plugging this gap at the right time.

Simon Tribelhom, Managing Director of the Liechtenstein Bankers Association
Simon Tribelhorn Managing Director of the Liechtenstein Bankers Association

With their market intelligence, Particula has created an added value that I have never seen elsewhere in the market. Their analysis provide unprecedented insights and transparency in the area of digitized assets that surpass what can be achieved even with numerous hours of research.

Research and Market Updates

Particula Acquires ITSA and Partners with DTIF to Align DTIs with the ITC Framework

Particula Acquires ITSA and Partners with DTIF to Align DTIs with the ITC Framework

Particula and the DTI Foundation announce an MoU to transition crypto-asset identification from ITIN to DTIs, integrating token reference data into the DTI Registry and positioning it as the premier global identifier in accordance with ISO standards.

Particula Announces a Strategic Partnership with Security Token Market

Particula Announces a Strategic Partnership with Security Token Market

Particula, a leader in digital asset ratings and market intelligence, and Security Token Market (STM), the global oracle for blockchain-based assets, are excited to announce a strategic partnership aimed at revolutionizing the tokenized asset ecosystem.

$1.44 Billion Milestone in Tokenized Treasury Bonds: Particula Monthly Fundamentals

$1.44 Billion Milestone in Tokenized Treasury Bonds: Particula Monthly Fundamentals

This month, explore the $1.44 Billion growth on the treasury bond market, Swiss wholesale CBDC trial, US Congress negotiations regarding public blockchains, the latest report by McKinsey & Company, and TOKENFUTURE2024 highlights.

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