Our Vision

Particula aims to revolutionize the way capital is allocated to tokenized assets. With our holistic, automatically generated rating framework, we are going to be the first point of information for investors who want to make informed decisions about investments in the digital asset space. As the market
for the digitization of illiquid assets emerges as one of the largest growth markets of the coming years and decades,
Particula is dedicated to establishing the data standard of the industry.

Why do we do what we do?

Institutional investors are still hesitant to fully embrace the potential of digitized assets and the associated benefits (e.g. increased liquidity, reduced costs or faster settlement) due to the lack of available data for due diligence, compliance as well as risk assessment processes. Compared to traditional financial markets, there is a lack of a provider such as Moodys, Fitch or S&P, which reduce information asymmetries and thus lay the foundation for the scaling and focus of this new market.

At Particula, we are pioneering the digital asset ecosystem with the first rating and data platform for digitized real-world assets, starting at the intersection of sustainability and web3. Our mission is to make the digital asset market more accessible and easier to understand for professional investors. We’re passionate about market intelligence and harmonizing asset specifications to provide valuable insights. While doing so, our framework evaluates digitized assets based on their economics, environmental, compliance, and technology aspects.

Our USP lies in the generation of our automated ratings, which can be applied to any digitized asset imaginable. By integrating AI-based tools, e.g. sentiment analysis (natural language processing) and environmental risk analysis (computer vision), we create a holistic, algorithmic, real-time rating model.

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