Meet Our Team

We combine competencies from various areas such as operations, corporate communications, business development, finance, regulation, accounting and consulting.

Timm Reinsdorf
Co-Founder & CEO

Timm specializes in sales, finance and regulatory aspects related to digital assets. He has audited private equity firms and asset managers for a Big 4 firm as well as conducted consulting projects at banks, e.g. on tokenizing gold or building decentralized payment processing structures via Ethereum.


Nadine Wilke
Co-Founder & CGO

Nadine is an expert in business, product and strategy development. She has a strong background in the green mobility sector, having contributed to the growth of a scale-up in this industry. Additionally she has worked in the IT-department of a SDAX company, where she acquired extensive skills, especially in the area of emerging technologies.


Wolfram Menser
Co-Founder & COO

Wolfram has a proven track record in the B2B database sector, with 20+ years of C-level experience in the software industry. As an intrapreneur he opened and managed several locations worldwide for his former employer, for example in Shanghai, Cape Town and the United States.


Carsten Hermann
Co-Founder & CTO

Carsten is a serial tech entrepreneur with a wealth of experience as a CEO and CTO in various companies. He brings valuable expertise in blockchain technology as well as AI and has a strong entrepreneurial mindset, driving innovation and technological advancements. In addition, he currently sits on the board of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization in Berlin.


Viktor Fendesak
Analytics Engineer

Viktor is highly experienced in data aggregation and analysis. For the past 4 years, he has accompanied numerous positions in banking and fintech (e.g. JP Morgan, HSBC or TradeRepublic) and has worked for a hedge fund for crypto-assets, where he developed and programmed AI-based trading strategies.


Our Advisors

Our Advisors are an exceptional crew of industry experts and creative problem solvers. Their backgrounds span a diverse landscape of fields including finance, audit, economics, trading, consulting, management, research and data.