Particula is excited to announce its first official strategic partnership of 2024 with one of the tokenized infrastructure leaders AllianceBlock.

Particula can be seen as a mix of Bloomberg and Moody’s for the tokenized assets market. They have developed a comprehensive analytics and quality assessment platform as a trusted, one-stop solution. They aim to offer the next generation of ratings for the next generation of assets, ensuring investors receive instant security, clarity, and enhanced market access.

The market for the tokenization of illiquid assets has emerged as one of the most significant growth markets in the coming years. However, it needs more clear and transparent ratings when scaling digital assets. Particula streamlines tokenization data and helps companies connect with the right partners, especially those searching for third-party providers. Particula dedicates themselves to establishing the data standard for this high-growth industry.

AllianceBlock is now listed on the Particula platform. This integration exposes AllianceBlock’s tokenization infrastructure to various institutional investors and corporations in multiple segments. Particula’s platform offers customized insights and resources about its partners, enabling institutions to explore diverse tokenized assets to allocate them safely and securely or find the right partner to build on.

Particula covers tokenized assets from industry leaders such as Franklin Tempelton, UBS, HSBC, and Siemens. Their platform has innovative tokenized RWA projects, such as Cogito, Centrifuge, Tokeny, Archax, and Cashlink. Having AllianceBlock with these companies creates significant opportunities in the tokenization space, with the possibility of future crossovers of each company’s broader ecosystems.

“Particula’s partnership with AllianceBlock marks a strategic advancement in asset tokenization. It reflects our shared commitment to leveraging tokenization infrastructure to enhance datasets of tokenized assets. This collaboration is crucial for improving data quality and accessibility for investors, laying the groundwork for a more sophisticated, user-focused platform. By merging our efforts to create a compliant, interoperable infrastructure, we aim to spur innovation and cultivate a financial ecosystem that is both dynamic and inclusive. As our first partnership in 2024, it underscores our dedication to using tokenization to generate comprehensive, data-driven insights, shaping a future where financial platforms are not just more transparent but also better attuned to investor needs.” – Rachid Ajaja, Founder and CEO, AllianceBlock.

“AllianceBlock is a key player in the tokenized asset landscape, bringing sophisticated infrastructure solutions to elevate our platform and expand our partnerships. Our collaboration aims to innovate Web3 data standards, a move that will benefit the entire ecosystem. Highlighting AllianceBlock’s solutions on Particula showcases their commitment to leading the charge towards a digitized, tokenized financial future, promising enhanced transparency and efficiency for all stakeholders involved.” Timm Reinsdorf, Co-Founder and CEO, Particula


About Nexera Foundation 

*AllianceBlock recently unveiled its rebrand to Nexera Foundation.

Nexera Foundation is empowering the future of finance with cutting-edge open-source innovation. The open-source infrastructure seamlessly incorporates blockchain technology, facilitating on-chain and off-chain operations for simplified digital, financial, and real-world asset management.

The Nexera Foundation is focused on nurturing the broader ecosystem, DAO, and enhancing the utility of the NXRA token. They are committed to promoting community growth and driving innovation in the digital asset space. This will include the growth and development of their current and future key ecosystem partners.

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About Particula

Particula specializes in market and rating intelligence for tokenized assets. Their mission is to make the digital asset market more accessible and easier to understand for professional investors, evaluating assets based on their economics, environmental, compliance and technology aspects.

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