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As the leading provider for analytics for tokenized assets, we are significantly reducing due diligence time by over 90% and effectively mitigating crucial operational risks for financial leaders. We ensure that investors - keen on investing, launching or benchmarking digital assets - gain instant security, enhanced market access, and clearer insights.

Supported Ecosystems:

Best-in-Class Datasets

Particula provides comprehensive insights into the tokenized asset market

Issuer Data
  • Comprehensive profiles of token issuers, including company history, management team, and financials.
  • Detailed information on company operations, partnerships, and market presence.
  • Insights into company strategies, growth prospects, and competitive positioning.
Market Data
  • Comprehensive market data, including trading volumes, price trends, and liquidity.
  • Analysis of market dynamics, including supply and demand factors, market sentiment, and volatility.
  • Insights into market trends, potential opportunities, and risks.
Compliance Data
  • Information on regulatory compliance, including licensing, registration, and reporting requirements.
  • Analysis of legal risks, including potential litigation, sanctions, and regulatory actions.
  • Updates on changes in regulatory frameworks and their implications for tokenized assets.
On-Chain Data
  • Detailed on-chain data, including transaction volumes, token holdings, and smart contract activity.
  • Analysis of on-chain metrics, including network activity, token distribution, and token velocity.
  • Insights into network health, security, and potential risks.
News & Updates
  • Real-time news and updates on tokenized assets and their issuers.
  • Analysis of market-moving events, including product launches, partnerships, and acquisitions.
  • Insights into industry trends, market sentiment, and potential opportunities.
Underlying Asset Data
  • Comprehensive data on the underlying assets of tokenized assets, including valuation, ownership, and performance.
  • Analysis of the quality, risks, and potential returns of underlying assets.
  • Insights into the impact of underlying assets on tokenized asset performance and valuation.

Merging On- and Off-Chain Sources For Holistic Assessments

On-Chain Data

Our on-chain analytics provide a robust framework for evaluating tokenized assets. We conduct in-depth security analysis and evaluate performance metrics to offer a clear picture of asset performance and market dynamics. By combining real-time blockchain data with technical assessments of the involved parties and platform, we deliver a holistic evaluation of the technical resilience of your investment opportunities.
Particula onchain analysis dashboard

Off-Chain Data

Particula's off-chain analytics provide a comprehensive review of compliance, legal assessments and regulatory adherence, ensuring each tokenized asset meets stringent criteria. We gather data from multilingual news feeds and 10+ independent third-party sources, broadening our scope and ensuring well-rounded, unbiased assessments.
Stock market data

Issuer-Direct Data

We leverage direct data from issuers and their service providers  uncovering insights not readily available in public sources, providing our clients with a unique analytical edge.
  • Integration Partners
  • Trading Facilities
  • Legal- and General Advisor
Particula issuer details dashboard

Investor Use Cases

Real-Time Market Data Analysis

Emphasizing immediate, actionable intelligence: Utilize real-time market data and trend analysis for agile investment decisions.

Customized Investment Strategies

Personalizing to client objectives: Develop tailored investment approaches that resonate with clients’ risk tolerance and financial goals.

Risk Management and Compliance

Addressing safety and regulatory concerns: Navigate confidently with comprehensive risk assessments and adherence to regulatory compliance for secure investment choices.

Informed Portfolio Evolution

Focusing on precision in asset choice: Efficiently select tokenized assets that align with specific investment objectives and risk profiles

Diverse Investment Opportunities

Leveraging insights for thematic investment themes: Utilize in-depth data to identify trends and opportunities, contributing to the creation of specialized funds or indices.

Regulatory and Market Trend Awareness

Keeping informed: Stay ahead of regulatory changes and market trends, crucial for strategic, long-term investment planning.

FAQs: Simplifying the Token Economy

Explore our frequently asked questions to learn more about tokenized assets and the services we offer on our market intelligence platform.

A tokenized asset refers to any tangible or intangible asset that has been converted into a digital token on the blockchain. This process enhances the liquidity, transparency, and accessibility of traditionally illiquid assets by making them tradable on digital platforms.

Particula's analytics scope primarily focuses on financial assets, including fixed-income securities and equities. However, our framework is versatile through dynamized underlying asset schemes and can be used for a wide range of asset-backed tokens that are either tokenized or natively issued on-chain. This includes over 20 different asset classes such as environmental assets (e.g., carbon credits, renewable energy certificates, biodiversity credits), commodities (precious metals and rare earths) and real assets (infrastructure, land, real estate). A detailed overview of the asset-backed token categories, that we evaluate can be found in our Particula Digital Asset Classification System (PDACS).

We source our data from a variety of channels to ensure comprehensive coverage and accuracy. This includes direct information from issuers through questionnaires, data scraping from the blockchain, and public sources such as news outlets, reports, and social media. Additionally, we also collaborate with independent third parties that provide supplementary data, further enhancing the depth and quality of our asset information.

Ensuring data quality and reliability is central to our mission. We employ rigorous data verification processes and utilize multiple data sources to confirm the accuracy of our information. The data is also continually monitored and updated to reflect real-time changes. We complement our in-house data with information from independent third parties who for instance provide company data or verify the quality of underlying assets.

Yes, we welcome requests for data aggregation of specific tokenized assets. If you are an issuer or an investor interested in a particular asset that is not currently accessible on our platform, you can submit a request through our website. Our team will review the request and, if it meets our criteria, we will conduct a comprehensive analysis of the asset.

Ensuring data quality and reliability is central to our mission. We employ rigorous data verification processes and utilize multiple data sources to confirm the accuracy of our information. The data is also continually monitored and updated to reflect real-time changes. We complement our in-house data with information from independent third parties who provide company data, liquidity data, or verify the quality of underlying assets through means like satellite imagery or IoT devices.

Yes, our platform provides access to historical data for all the assets we cover. This allows users to track the performance and changes of an asset over time, providing valuable insights into its long-term viability and potential risks.

Our platform is purely informational and does not provide custody services or trading facilities. We specialize in providing comprehensive and reliable data, analyses, and ratings for a wide range of tokenized assets. However, we do refer users to the respective points of sale or exchange platforms where they can transact or manage their assets.

Our platform operates on a freemium model. To access the full range of our comprehensive market and rating intelligence, institutional clients need to subscribe to our premium version. This service is not available to retail investors.

We are committed to operating within the bounds of regulatory frameworks. Currently, our analytics provide investment recommendations in accordance with §86 of the German Securities Trading Act.

We take data privacy and security very seriously. Our platform is built with state-of-the-art encryption and security protocols to ensure that all data is protected from unauthorized access. We also adhere to strict data privacy regulations and never share user data with third parties without explicit consent. Our team is constantly monitoring and updating our security measures to stay ahead of potential threats.

We are always here to help and answer any questions you may have. You can reach out to our support team through the contact form on our website, or by sending an email to We aim to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.

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