The Collaboration Aims to set New Industry Standards for Evaluating and Investing in tokenized Assets.

Munich / Vaduz, 21/09/2023

Particula and the Liechtenstein Bankers Association announce a strategic partnership to enhance token due diligence processes. Utilizing advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms, the collaboration aims to set new benchmarks in the evaluation of tokenized assets. With its new databank, Particula adds huge value to the financial industry; its analytics offer unprecedent insights and transparency in the field of sustainable digitized assets.

Nadine Wilke, Co-Founder & CGO at Particula, stated, «Our collaboration with the Liechtenstein Bankers Association is not just another partnership; it’s a paradigm shift for the tokenized asset industry. We’re elevating transparency and due diligence to unprecedented levels by employing state-of-the-art analytics and machine learning.»

Simon Tribelhorn, CEO of the Liechtenstein Bankers Association, added, «Tokenized assets represent a completely new, but increasingly important asset class. This partnership underlines our commitment to digitalization and sustainability. We’ll be focusing on assets that are not just profitable but also align with global sustainability goals, particularly eco-friendly and compliant digital assets.»

Both organizations have planned a series of webinars, whitepapers and events. These initiatives introduce new metrics and guidelines for investing in tokenized assets. They aim to provide a comprehensive toolkit to evaluate tokens not just as financial instruments or technological products, but also as integral parts of a comprehensive sustainability strategy.

About Particula

Particula specializes in market and rating intelligence for tokenized assets. Their mission is to make the digital asset market more accessible and easier to understand for professional investors, evaluating assets based on their economics, environmental, compliance and technology aspects.

About Liechtenstein Bankers Association

The Liechtenstein Bankers Association is a pioneer in sustainability, digital transformation, and financial stability. With recent initiatives like climate-friendly NFTs, the association is committed to leading the banking industry toward a more sustainable future.

Contact Information

For more information, please contact:

Nadine Wilke
Co-Founder & CGO

Simon Tribelhorn
CEO Liechtenstein Bankers Association